Kickstart your creative confidence using the tools of songwriting – no musical experience required.

We offer workshops in Berlin and throughout Europe for private students or groups, and companies, and we teach in English, German and French.



Kickstart your creative confidence.

In 2017, Samantha Wareing and James Trottier created the 12-Lines Method, a simple, original and fun system for teaching creative confidence through songwriting.

Their eureka moment was realising that songwriting is a versatile creative toolkit that inspires both personal confidence and growth, and requires useful team skills like good communication, rapid idea generation, problem solving, flexibility and response to change.

After successfully testing their method, they launched Kreativ Workshop Berlin, a creativity training start-up that unites their passion for the craft of writing songs and their passion for helping people to reach their creative potential.

Both active musicians and songwriters, they each bring 20 years of musical experience to their workshops, and many years as trainers facilitating programs for children, teens and adults in educational and corporate environments.

Hire Samantha and James for your company’s conference or training day, and let them inspire and challenge you and your staff, or hone your personal creativity with a private or small-group course in Berlin.

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Samantha and James help you tap your creative courage, giving you a creative problem solving process to use in your professional and personal life.
For private workshops, see below.

Corporate Workshops

Kreativ Workshop Berlin’s easy, joyful creative process was developed from the problem solving techniques used by experienced songwriters, and is applicable to any industry. Our seminars help your team with creative courage, confidence, team building, rapid idea generation, creative problem solving, change management, agile thinking, and storytelling skills to communicate the key messages that are important to you.

Our workshops use music to take participants gently out of their comfort zone into a playful creative space.  With just 12 Lines of text, they can refine their key message, dive deep into archetypal ideas that connect, build a sturdy, compelling narrative that sings, and then bring their story to life with music. They’ll experience a creative process they can use again and again and, with our help, they’ll write their own song individually, or as a team.

We’ve provided corporate training for organisations including:

Hire us for your conference or convention, and we’ll facilitate a memorable, fun and valuable creative experience for your team, and share with them a creative process they can use again and again. We can create custom workshop content for your event or training day, or you can choose from 3 options:
– our standard half-day workshop
– a two-hour team building workshop,
– or a 45-minute lunchtime seminar on creativity with quick songwriting games

Companies can book directly here. Contact us for information and rates. We teach in German, English and French, and we’re happy to travel to you anywhere in Europe.

Private Workshops (Berlin)
Private clients can book here or through AirB&B.  For gift certificates, times not listed here or group bookings, please Contact us.


James Trottier:
Musician, Songwriter, Marketing and Training specialist.

James Trottier and Samantha Wareing are workshop leaders at Kreative Workshop Berlin
James Trottier and Samantha Wareing are workshop leaders at Kreative Workshop Berlin

James is bandleader and principal songwriter of the band ‘Hunger Streets‘, and has 20 years experience as a guitar teacher and songwriter.

He developed his training and marketing expertise through management roles for companies such as Shell Canada, SNC Lavalin, Wayfair and Quebecor.

James is originally from Canada and moved to Berlin in 2010.

James Trottier
+49 1577 267 3692

Samantha Wareing:
Musician, Songwriter, Educator, Events and PR specialist.

Samantha is bandleader and principal songwriter for band ‘Wasp Summer‘, and has been writing music since 1998. She curates the house concert series Berlin Sofa Salon, on which she gave a TED Talk at TedX Linz in 2018.

Her experience as a Workshop leader comes from her years teaching and creating curriculum for organisations such as Berlitz GmbH, InterACT gGmbH, Diakonisches Werk e.V, Ausmusic Ltd, and Europaïsche Bildungsstiftung GmbH.

Samantha is originally from Australia and moved to Berlin in 2009.

Samantha Wareing
+49 176 988 39 552