Kickstart your creative confidence.

In 2017, Samantha Wareing and James Trottier created the 12-Lines Method, a simple, original and fun system for teaching creative confidence through songwriting.

Their eureka moment was realising that songwriting is a versatile creative toolkit that inspires both personal confidence and growth, and requires useful team skills like good communication, rapid idea generation, problem solving, flexibility and response to change.

After successfully testing their method, they launched Kreativ Workshop Berlin, a creativity training start-up that unites their passion for the craft of writing songs and their passion for helping people to reach their creative potential.

Both active musicians and songwriters, they each bring 20 years of musical experience to their workshops, and many years as trainers facilitating programs for children, teens and adults in educational and corporate environments.

Hire Samantha and James for your company’s conference or training day, and let them inspire and challenge you and your staff, or hone your personal creativity with a private or small-group course in Berlin.

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