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James Trottier and Samantha Wareing, co-founders of Kreativ Workshop Berlin
James Trottier and Samantha Wareing, co-founders of Kreativ Workshop Berlin

We are James Trottier and Samantha Wareing, songwriters and creativity trainers based in Berlin.

In 2017, we developed a process for creative problem solving that came from our own songwriting practice, and set up a company to teach this process as half-day workshops.

When we tested our process live, we discovered something that blew the potential of our process wide open:

Our attendees hadn’t come to learn songwriting. They’d come to us to experience creative courage.

They trusted us to create a space for them where they could try something new with guidance and without fear of judgement. The feedback we had was beautiful:

Kind and helpful

James and I learned that music is a fantastic mental and emotional shortcut into the creative space, but it was the unpressured atmopshere of creative validation and play we offered that made people feel so good about themselves and their ideas.

And we discovered the creative process we’d designed could be applied to solve any creative problem as effectively as it can teach people to write a song, as our process is simply a structured method to dive deep into the themes and ideas that need to be explored to create solutions and change.

In our process, music is the universal vehicle of trust, a safe space, and our process is the map that gets you to your destination. A more creative, confident you who has the courage to explore your ideas, find the narrative and communicate the story more effectively, personally or professionally.

We’ll be using our Medium page to share our research on what creativity can do for your productivity and health. We’ll also share creative tools and ideas to kickstart your creative courage and inspire you to solve problems in a playful, safe and creative way.

Contact us and we’ll let you know how we can help you and your business or team to work with creative courage.

Samantha and James
Berlin, Germany